Professional Training

Child Inclusive Mediation & Counselling Training (CIMC)

cimc-1Child Inclusive Mediation & Counselling (CIMC) is an evidence based intervention for separated parents in dispute, designed to support and powerfully realign co-parenting, by focusing on the experiences of their children.

The work combines skillful developmental consultation with children, and strategic, therapeutic feedback conversations with their parents, within a mediation or counselling process, in court or community based services. Child Inclusion is a powerful intervention with proven potential to support co-parenting and children’s adjustment pathways after separation. Just like any powerful tool, Child Inclusion requires thorough training.

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 Young Children in Divorce and Separation (YCIDS)

YCIDS Parent Education Program-page-001Being separated parents of a baby or toddler is a big job. Young Children in Divorce and Separation (YCIDS) is here to help. YCIDS is a short online education program for separated parents of very young children (0-4 years). YCIDS provides invaluable information about early development and the needs of very young children in separation, and helps parents to get on the same page about co-parenting between two homes. YCIDS won’t tell you what to do. It will show you the right questions to ask, to arrive at your own good decisions about co-parenting your child, in your circumstances, now and into the future.

Some parents may be trying to make decisions themselves, and others are using mediation or legal services to sort out disputes that have arisen about parenting. Either way, YCIDS has something to offer. YCIDS is an online program that parents can complete at home, or in counselling, mediation or court settings.

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