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This is a key part of what we do.

Child Inclusive Mediation & Counselling (CIMC)

Professor McIntosh, pioneer of child inclusive mediation practices, has taught this introductory program internationally, and finally there’s no need to wait for her to reach your shores. The Child Inclusive Mediation and Counselling (CIMC) Level 1 program is here, online.The course is offered in four formats, from a one hour introduction through to the full 18 hour Child Consultant Program of seminars, DVD demonstrations, and interactive learning tasks, narrated by Professor McIntosh.  Ideal for mediators, child specialists, therapists, children’s lawyers, parenting coordinators and more.

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Young Children in Separation (YCIDS)

Being separated parents of a baby or toddler is a big job. Young Children in Divorce and Separation (YCIDS) is here to help. YCIDS is a short online education program for separated parents of very young children (0-4 years). YCIDS provides invaluable information about early development and the needs of very young children in separation, and helps parents to get on the same page about co-parenting between two homes. YCIDS won’t tell you what to do. It will show you the right questions to ask, to arrive at your own good decisions about co-parenting your child, in your circumstances, now and into the future.

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Over 20 years, Professor McIntosh has created multiple resources for professionals and for parents, to support their child focus during the resolution of parenting disputes and beyond.

They range from extensive clinical video materials, to a narrated children’s book, to the internationally acclaimed parent education booklet, Because it’s for the Kids, now in three languages. Many of these resources are offered freely and are all gathered together on our Children Beyond Dispute website.

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Client Services

Family Law Mediation (Family Dispute Resolution)

Referrals to the Clinic can be made to the Clinic Manager,
Email: [email protected] (preferred) or Phone: (03) 9347-5559

Teaching and Supervision

Jennifer McIntosh provides a range of training and supervision opportunities for professionals in the family law, welfare and mental health fields, in Australia and overseas.
Areas in which we offer specialist training include:

  • Attachment
  • Trauma in human relationships
  • Impacts on children of parental conflict
  • Impacts on children of domestic violence
  • Child and Family assessment
  • Working with parents in high conflict
  • Child inclusive family law mediation
  • Psycho-emotional development
  • Assessing the contact needs of children in care
  • Managing placement transitions in foster care
  • Infant/Child psychotherapy

Enquiries can be made about supervision and workshops tailored to the specific needs of organisations. Reading groups in specialist areas are also offered. Recent and forthcoming training and conference presentations are detailed under training.


Alongside our clinical practice, research is always on the go. Family Transitions has been and continues to be behind a number of leading research projects in Australia. Studies have included:

  • The efficacy of family support for families at risk
  • The experiences of attachment loss for children in multiple foster care
  • Therapeutic placement transitions for children in foster care
  • The impact of supervised and therapeutic contact on children
  • Impacts on children of domestic violence
  • Impacts on children of parental conflict
  • The role of parent education in high conflict divorce
  • The efficacy of extended child consultation in divorce disputes.

Jennifer McIntosh is an active researcher in a number of areas concerning child development, attachment trauma, foster care, divorce and family law policy. See publications